Intermediate level padel rackets

Discover the best intermediate-level padel rackets from SHOOTER PADEL, perfect for players with a versatile game.

Padel players with a versatile style of play with power and control need intermediate level padel rackets. For this reason, we would like to advise you on our professional padel racket models that are perfect for playing with maximum control and power.

What are the SHOOTER PADEL intermediate level padel rackets?

  •  STEALTH: The most versatile model in the SHOOTER PADEL range. It is a very versatile padel racket for all levels.
  •  THE KING: If you were an unconditional fan of our HUNTRESS model, this professional padel racket is for you.
  •  LEGEND: A professional padel racket that does not lose power despite its very large sweet spot thanks to its low density LD FOAM core.
  •  DOMINION: Power and control racket that will give maximum speed to every ball.
  •  STR-1: The best-selling professional SHOOTER PADEL padel racket in Europe, now with a low roughness SOFT TOUCH rubberised finish.

Buy any of the SHOOTER PADEL intermediate padel rackets and you will discover what it is to play padel with maximum control and power.

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