All Shooter rackets are examined, tested and comply with strict quality assurance controls in accordance with the Legal Standards and those established by SHOOTER PADEL SOLSONA S.L.

The SHOOTER racket warranty does not limit the buyer’s claims for liability for defective products, nor does it limit the buyer’s rights conferred by law.


This warranty applies to all rackets manufactured and marketed by SHOOTER PADEL SOLSONA S.L. under the brand name SHOOTER Padel.


Shooter Padel offers two types of warranty:

STANDARD GUARANTEE 3 YEARS: The duration of the guarantee shall be three years (3).

EXCLUSIVE 4-YEAR PREMIUM SHOOTER GUARANTEE (3+1): The term of the guarantee will be Four years (3+1) for those rackets that have been registered in the guarantee registration system on the website of the brand within 30 days from the date of purchase. The Shooter rackets have a plate with the racket  manufacturing serial number and a QR code with a direct link to the registration section.

To activate the validity of the Four-year warranty (3+1), the customer must enter all the data requested in the Shooter 3+1 guarantee registration form.

Warranty registry form: 


The warranty covers the free repair of defects found in the rackets, for defects in the materials or in the manufacture or in the design, and that is proven to have occurred within the term of the defined warranty.

The term of the guarantee starts from the date of sale of the product to the first buyer. The 

date indicated on the original purchase receipt will be the one taken into account.

Registration can only be made via the Internet at the following address 

Registration is possible only when the buyer agrees to the storage of the data to be entered.

The repair of defects that the Company recognizes as included in the warranty will be made free of charge. The Company may, at its choice, repair or replace the racketl that has a defect, with a current or later model. The replaced rackets will become the property of SHOOTER PADEL SOLSONA S.L. Repairs will have a warranty period of SIX MONTHS, to be counted from the date of repair.

Claims under this guarantee may be submitted within the warranty term. To do this, the customer will have to submit or send to the Technical Support Service indicated on our website (, the racket and the original purchase receipt indicating the date and the name of the product.

The guarantee services shall not extend or renew the term of the racket’s guarantee.

The following are excluded from this guarantee:

Rackets that are subject to wear and tear caused by use or other natural wear, as well as defects found in the rackets, which are due to wear caused by use or other natural wear

Defects found in the racketss, arising from non-compliance with and/or non-compliance with instructions for use and operation, or from applications not in conformity with the intended use of the product, or from anomalous  environmental factors, or unusual conditions of use, overload or improper maintenance or cleaning.

Defects found in the rackets which have been caused by the use of accessories or any other garment, complements or spare parts that are not original parts of SHOOTER PADEL SOLSONA S.L.

Rackets in which modifications or additions have been made.

Rackets presented or shipped in whole or in part disassembled shall not be accepted as covered by the guarantee.

Minimal irregularities in the condition of the racket, irrelevant to the value and proper use of it.


This guarantee applies to all sales to final consumers made in any country in the world.


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