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At SHOOTER PADEL we are constantly researching and innovating in order to be able to manufacture handcrafted professional padel rackets, with the best performance thanks to the technology applied and manufactured locally.

SHOOTER PADEL's aim is to differentiate itself in the padel market by manufacturing unique and perfect padel rackets that offer each player special sensations like those felt by professional players.

"All our rackets are unique, and have been handcrafted one by one."



The design and production centre for SHOOTER PADEL professional padel rackets was created in 2016 in Olius, near the city of Lleida, Spain, with a padel court attached to test the different compounds and designs.

Research and development work is carried out at the central facilities, testing new materials and new technologies to continuously improve the performance of SHOOTER PADEL padel rackets. The design, both in terms of form and image, is also centralised at the brand's headquarters.

After years of experience, research and development, SHOOTER PADEL has specialised in the design and manufacture of professional padel rackets, applying Low Vibration Technology in all of them, to reduce the risk of injuries such as epicondylitis.



We manufacture in Spain with materials of European origin, promoting local industry and generating employment in our environment.

Our staff is made up of expert padel racket manufacturing specialists who fully control the entire manufacturing process. The SHOOTER PADEL team is made up of passionate and committed workers who are also fans of this sport.


SHOOTER PADEL padel rackets are manufactured from scratch in our facilities in Olius, Lleida, covering and controlling first hand all the internal manufacturing processes.

This fully integrated manufacturing is what allows enough flexibility to configure each racket, one by one, to the taste of each player, varying weight, colour or finish.

In addition, recent improvements in internal processes also allow each SHOOTER PADEL racket to be personalised with the player's or team's name.

As they are handcrafted rackets, the manufacturing process can take up to two weeks, in the case of personalised rackets, since we take great care at each stage.

The main manufacturing stages of a SHOOTER PADEL padel racket are as follows:

  • Modelling
  • Deburring
  • Anchoring
  • Caulking
  • Sanding
  • Painting
  • Screen printing
  • Personalising
  • Varnishing
  • Drilling
  • Finishing

All these phases are carried out internally at the SHOOTER PADEL production centre, performed and supervised by qualified and experienced personnel.



The SHOOTER PADEL manufacturing process is a compendium of technology and craftsmanship, applying the best of each world. 

This completely internal process focuses on excellence and product quality, controlling every detail down to the last millimetre. 

Lastly, it is the exhaustive and meticulous control that guarantees superior quality, in order to achieve a unique and perfect racket.



In order to meet the quality requirements of a professional racket like all SHOOTER PADEL rackets, the brand only uses top quality materials. To ensure the stability of this quality and the durability of the different components, the raw materials used in the manufacture of each SHOOTER PADEL racket are exclusively of European origin, complying with the different European approvals and certifications.

In the manufacturing process we seek the lowest possible environmental impact, minimising waste and filtering possible vapours or gases generated in the painting and varnishing process.



SHOOTER PADEL, thanks to its fully integrated production process, can offer its customers the possibility of configuring each racket to the taste of each player.

Thus, depending on the model, the player can choose, within the same racket model, the weight that best suits them, the colour of the racket and even the surface finish of the surfaces that best suit their style of play.

In addition, thanks to recent improvements in internal processes, each player now has the possibility to personalise their racket with their name, nickname or team name, so that they will not find another racket like it on any court.

The qualities of the production process, the handcrafted care of every detail, the application of the latest technology and its configuration and customisation one by one make each SHOOTER padel racket a unique racket, which transmits to the player unequalled safety and sensations.

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