Personalise your SHOOTER PADEL padel racket

customisable anti-epicondylitis padel rackets

SHOOTER PADEL, Professional paddle rackets, handcrafted, configurable and customisable.

SHOOTER PADEL is a young and dynamic brand used by both amateurs and professional players competing on the international circuit of the World Padel Tour (WPT). An excellent proof of the performance of SHOOTER PADEL rackets.

SHOOTER PADEL rackets are manufactured with the best technical materials of European origin and incorporate the latest technologies to achieve the best performance and reduce the risk of injury.

In addition, SHOOTER PADEL padel rackets are distinguished by a handcrafted production process, the meticulous care of every detail, the application of the latest technology and their configuration and individual personalisation. All this makes each SHOOTER PADEL padel racket a unique racket, which transmits to the player an unequalled security and sensations.

SHOOTER PADEL, thanks to its fully integrated production process, can offer its customers the possibility of configuring each racket to the taste of each player.

Each player has the possibility to personalise their racket with their name, nickname, initials or the name of their team, so that they will not find another racket like it on any court.

Can you imagine personalising your SHOOTER racket with your name, nickname or initials?

As you know, all SHOOTER PADEL padel rackets are 100% manufactured in Spain, in our facilities in Solsona. We control 100% of our production process (nothing to do with rackets made on the other side of the world!). Our internal process allows each player to configure their ideal SHOOTER PADEL racket, choosing finishes and weights according to their tastes and preferences. Each racket is manufactured and finished especially for each customer.

From now on, SHOOTER PADEL padel rackets are not only highly configurable... they are also customisable for each player. SHOOTER PADEL has optimised its manufacturing process to allow the customisation of each paddle, individually. This option, which offers the possibility of adding the player's name, nickname, initials or team name to the racket. This personalisation is applied to the frame of the racket, in a sober and elegant way, in perfect harmony with the image and aesthetics of each SHOOTER PADEL racket.

Here are some examples: 

padel rackets that can be personalised with the player's name

Give the gift of a personalised padel racket

What better and more original gift than a personalised SHOOTER PADEL professional padel racket? If you want to triumph for Christmas, Epiphany, Valentine's Day or a birthday, now is the time! Select the racket for the player you want to pamper and contact our team to request the personalisation of this racket with their name. 

SHOOTER PADEL padel rackets, with Low Vibration Technology to avoid injuries such as epicondylitis, configurable for each player and customisable... A perfect gift or self-gift!!

Give the gift of a personalised padel racket

How do I get a personalised racket?

All SHOOTER PADEL racket models, as well as being configurable, are also, from now on, customisable, so you don't have to worry about it. Simply choose the model that suits you best and contact our team so that we can personalise the racket you have selected. 

The available text colours are standard. You can indicate a colour preference and we will choose the shade that best matches the model you have chosen.

Your racket at home in 15 days*

As you can imagine, the delivery time for a racket manufactured specifically for you is a little longer than usual... In any case, we have optimised our processes and are able to deliver your personalised racket in 15 days. This approximate delivery time is valid for deliveries in Spain. For deliveries to islands or outside Spain, we recommend you consult the delivery time with our team. 

Please note that it is not possible to return a padel racket personalised with your name as the product is made specifically for you. Returns will only be accepted in the event of a defect. 

Days for your personalised padel racket
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