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Professional Padel Racket: great control, great power & very large sweet spot

  • For all levels
  • Hybrid core FOAM-EVA medium density
  • Rough finish MICRO ROUGHNESS
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • Power 9/10
  • Control 9/10
  • Balance Medium
  • Sweet spot: Centred & very wide
  • Verde Fluor
  • Rosa Fluor


Great ball output and great precision in the game with the SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH Padel Racket, a professional padel racket suitable for players of all levels.

Padel players who want to increase the spin on their topspin and slice shots will discover what it's like to play at another level with the SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH Padel Racket. A well-balanced and powerful padel racket.

The surface of this SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH Professional Padel Racket is made of 3K carbon and fibreglass and has a Hybrid Carbon tubular frame (Hybrid Carbon Frame Technology).

Its MIX-OVERSIZE shape, exclusive to the SHOOTER PADEL range, will be particularly appreciated by players looking for a high level of control and maximum power.

In addition, the MICRO ROUGHNESS technology, with a high roughness finish textured with silica, will provide great spin on topspin shots and a high ball exit.

The STEALTH racket also has a centred and very large sweet spot.

Discover the SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH range and choose the version you like best from the fluorescent green or fluorescent fuchsia colours.

The SHOOTER PADEL is 100% manufactured in Spain and is designed with a special anti-vibration technology to prevent injuries.

The manufacturing process also allows the personalisation of each padel racket with the player's name, so that you will not find another racket like it on the court.

Advantages SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH padel racket

  • Available in two colours: fluorescent green or fluorescent fuchsia.
  • Professional padel racket ideal for players of all levels with a versatile game.
  • Great power with great ball control.
  • Hybrid rubber core made of FOAM and medium density EVA (Hybrid Core Technology), perfect for providing great hitting precision.
  • It also provides a high level of comfort for players prone to injuries.
  • The surface of the racket is made of 3K Spread Tow carbon and fibreglass (3K Carbon Technology) with Hybrid Carbon tubular material (Hybrid Carbon Frame Technology).
  • These high quality materials provide lightness and flexibility, good manoeuvrability and a high level of power.
  • Padel racket with a centred weight and centre of gravity (medium) with a centred and very wide sweet spot.
  • All SHOOTER PADEL professional padel rackets include the special anti-vibration technology (LOW VIBRATION Technology) to prevent injuries such as epicondylitis or tennis elbow.
  • Micro rough matt finish (Micro Roughness Technology) with high roughness to provide a great effect in the topspin shots and a high ball exit.
  • Homogeneous arrangement of 62 holes (SRS Holes Technology) to achieve great control in the stroke.
  • All our rackets are manufactured in MIX-OVERSIZE shape (between teardrop and round) and are designed exclusively by SHOOTER PADEL for professional padel players, very demanding in both control and power.
  • Includes a protective cover to keep your professional padel racket in the best possible condition.
  • Manufactured one by one in our factory, the SHOOTER PADEL rackets are highly configurable rackets of extreme quality made in Spain.

Technical Characteristics SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH Padel Racket:

  • Available in two colours: fluorescent green or fluorescent fuchsia
  • Level of play: All levels
  • Type of game: Versatile
  • Control Behaviour: 9/10
  • Power Behaviour: 9/10
  • Balance (Centre of gravity): Medium
  • Sweet Spot: Centred Very wide
  • Racket shape: Mix-Oversize
  • Tubular Material: Hybrid Carbon Flat side material (fibres): 3K Carbon + Fibreglass
  • Core Material: Hybrid Rubber
  • Core density: Medium
  • Resin type: Epoxi
  • Playing side finish: Matte Micro Rough
  • Profile thickness and playing side thickness: 38 mm
  • Handle diameter: 3.2 cm
  • Contact surface dimension: 530 cm2
  • Number of holes: 62
  • Settling of materials for full performance: 3 hours
  • Vibration absorption level: 9/10

SHOOTER PADEL STEALTH Padel racket Technologies

  • Hybrid Core Technology
  • Hybrid Carbon Frame Technology
  • 3K Carbon Technology
  • Micro Roughness Technology
  • SRS Holes Technology
  • Low Vibration Technology

Advantages of the SHOOTER PADEL rackets:

  • Rackets manufactured one by one and of Spanish manufacture
  • PREMIUM quality with materials from the European Union
  • Exclusive racket shape to give maximum power and control to demanding players
  • Vibration absorption technology to avoid frequent injuries 
  • Exclusive and totally personalised advice

At SHOOTER PADEL we want to offer paddle rackets with all the details in terms of quality of materials and technologies to maximise the player's performance and minimise injuries. All our professional padel rackets are manufactured in Spain. They are also highly configurable and customisable, including technology to reduce the vibrations transmitted to your arm as much as possible.

Game Level
All levels
Type of Game
Control Behaviour
Power Behaviour
Balance (Centre of gravity)
Sweet Spot
Centred & Very Wide
Tubular Material
Mixto Carbono
Flat side material (fibres)
3K Carbon / fiberglass
Core Material
Hybrid Rubber
Core density
Resin type
Playing side finish
Matte Micro Roughness
Profile thickness
38 mm
Playing side thickness
38 mm
Standard weight
355 gr
Handle diameter
3,2 cm
Contact surface dimension
530 cm2
Number of holes
Settling of materials for full performance
3 h.
Vibration absorption level
Racket shape
Protective Cover
Hybrid Core Technology
3K Carbon Tecnhology
Carbon Hybrid Technology
Micro Roughness Technology
SRS Holes Technology
Low Vibration Technology

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