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SHOOTER PADEL PRODI G Padel Racket: power, control & resistance w/ centred sweet spot

  • Advanced level-PRO
  • Core BLACK EVA high density
  • Medium rough finish HYPER ROUGHNESS
  • Anti-vibration tech.
  • Power 10/10
  • Control 10/10
  • High Balance
  • Medium centred sweet spot

Eva technologycarbon basalt technology15k carbon technologyHYPER ROUGHNESS SURFACE TECHNOLOGYINFINITY HOLES TECHNOLOGYHybrid carbon frame technologyLOW VIBRATION TECHNOLOGY

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Maximum power, great control and high resistance with the SHOOTER PADEL PRODI G Pdel Racket, a padel racket designed for advanced-professional players.

The SHOOTER PADEL PRODI G Padel Racket is a benchmark for advanced and professional players looking for a racket that offers power, control and resistance at the same time.

The PRODI G is a padel racket with a high balance and unequalled power.

The surface of this SHOOTER PADEL PRODI G professional padel racket is made of 15K carbon, basalt and fibreglass and has a 100% carbon tubular frame.

Its exclusive SHOOTER PADEL MIX-OVERSIZE shape is highly appreciated by professional players looking for the best control and the most power. In addition, the HYPER ROUGHNESS technology, with a medium-roughness finish, provides control and spin on topspin and slice shots.

It has a narrow sweet spot and incorporates INFINITY HOLES technology.

The PRODI G is also, thanks to its construction technology, the most resistant SHOOTER PADEL racket in the range.

Like the entire SHOOTER range, the PRODI G is a padel racket manufactured in Spain and designed with special anti-vibration technology to prevent injuries.

Advantages SHOOTER PADEL PRODI G Padel Racket

  • Professional Padel racket ideal for advanced-professional players with a power type of game.
  • Maximum power, maximum ball control and maximum strength and durability.
  • High-density BLACK EVA 30 core (EVA Technology) perfect for providing a high level of ball control without losing power (+ stroke speed).
  • Surface of the racket made with a mesh of 15K Spread Tow carbon microfilaments, basalt and fibreglass (15K Carbon Technology and Carbon Basalt Technology) with 100% Carbon tubular material of great rigidity, strength and durability.
  • These high quality materials provide lightness and flexibility, optimum manoeuvrability and maximum power and resistance.
  • A perfect model for intensive use in professional competitions.
  • Padel racket with a high weight and centre of gravity (high balance) with a small sweet spot (the racket with the smallest sweet spot in the SHOOTER PADEL range).
  • All SHOOTER PADEL professional padel rackets include the special LOW VIBRATION Technology to avoid injuries such as epicondylitis or tennis elbow.
  • Silica grain matte finish (Hyper Roughness Technology) with medium roughness to provide great control and good spin on topspin and slice shots.
  • Arrangement of 49 perforated and semi-perforated holes (Infinity Holes Technology) to provide great hardness to the racket combined with a medium sweet spot.
  • It includes 20 perforated holes and 29 semi-perforated holes that do not break the internal structure of the racket. It is the only SHOOTER PADEL racket with this technology and makes it the most resistant and hardest racket in our range.
  • All our rackets are manufactured in MIX-OVERSIZE shape (between teardrop and round shape), and they are exclusively designed by SHOOTER PADEL for professional padel players, very demanding in both control and power.
  • Includes a protective cover to keep your professional padel racket always in perfect condition.
  • Manufactured one by one in our factory, the SHOOTER PADEL rackets are Spanish made rackets of the highest quality.

Technical Characteristics SHOOTER PADEL PRODI G Padel Racket:

  • Level of play: Advanced-Professional
  • Type of game: Power
  • Control Behaviour: 10/10
  • Power Behaviour: 10/10
  • Balance (Centre of gravity): High
  • Sweet Spot: Medium centred
  • Racket shape: Mix-Oversize
  • Standard weight: 360 g
  • Tubular Material: 100% Carbon
  • Flat side material (fibres): 15K Carbon + Basalt + Fiberglass
  • Core Material: EVA or Black EGOMA EVA (+ power, + speed)
  • Core density: High
  • Resin type: Epoxi
  • Playing side finish: Silica Grain Matte
  • Profile thickness and playing side thickness: 38 mm
  • Handle diameter: 3.2 cm
  • Contact surface dimension: 530 cm2
  • Number of holes: 49 (20 perforated and 29 semi-perforated)
  • Settling of materials for full performance: 4 hours
  • Vibration absorption level: 9/10

SHOOTER PADEL Padel racket Technologies PRODI G

  • EVA Technology
  • Carbon Basalt Technology
  • Carbon 3D Composite Technology
  • 15K Carbon Technology
  • Hyper Roughness Technology
  • Infinity Holes Technology
  • Low Vibration Technology

Advantages of the SHOOTER PADEL rackets

  • Rackets manufactured one by one and of Spanish manufacture PREMIUM quality with materials from the European Union Exclusive racket shape to give maximum power and control to demanding players.
  • Vibration absorption technology to avoid frequent injuries
  • Exclusive and totally personalised advice

At SHOOTER PADEL we want to offer paddle rackets with all the details in terms of quality of materials and technologies to maximise the player's performance and minimise injuries. All our professional padel rackets are manufactured in Spain. They are also highly configurable and customisable, including technology to reduce the vibrations transmitted to your arm as much as possible.

Game Level
Type of Game
Control Behaviour
Power Behaviour
Balance (Centre of gravity)
Sweet Spot
Centred Medium
Core Material
Black EVA
Core density
Flat side material (fibres)
15K Carbon / basalt / fiberglass
Resin type
Playing side finish
Silica Grain Matte
Tubular Material
100% Carbon
Protective Cover
Standard weight
365 gr
Racket shape
Contact surface dimension
530 cm2
Number of holes
20 pasantes / 29 no pasantes
Profile thickness
38 mm
Handle diameter
3,2 cm
Settling of materials for full performance
4 h.
Vibration absorption level
Eva Technology
Carbon Basalt Technology
15K Carbon Technology
Carbon Hybrid Technology
Hyper Roughness Surface Technology
Infinity Holes Technology
Low Vibration Technology

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